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Interest-free loans are finally possible! We are revolutionizing the loan market and your loan cost can be halved. You only pay for work actually done and interest is a thing of the past.

Lowcostcompany in Scandinavia stands for LOW COSTS for companies and people.

Interest-free loans are finally possible!
We are revolutionizing the loan market and your loan cost can be halved.

Do you want to be involved in a change of society for the benefit of companies and people and with the same view we have so welcome to become an active or passive partner in this project.

  •  A FIRST INVESTOR has a financial profile of at least SEK 22 up to 100 million in the long run.

    The prospectus can be found here...
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    "Text us on + 46 70 244 76 38 and enter your email address and we will send the prospectus".

    Please contact us if you want to know more via the contact form below or email/call us about your contact. We guarantee full confidentiality.

  • One in 20 INVESTORS has a financial profile of SEK 500,000.

    The prospectus is presented here for
    "INVESTORS 500 TKR".

    Email/call us about your interest and we'll tell you more. As above full secrecy is promised.

Please notice!
Account for share purchases (abroad):
IBAN: SE73 8000 0810 3400 3301 2105

We are not surprised that when the financial system is spread around the world that Lågkostnadsbolaget i Skandinavien AB reaches Facebook's valuation in 2013 within 5-7 years, see this, FACEBOOK's gigantic IPO.

Below we present our SOCIAL VIEW and the SOFT VALUES we share:

  •  We have a genuine interest in promoting a societal development that benefits both humans and animals and plants. We all depend on them for our livelihood and the avoidance of a climate catastrophe, warming the planet to a level that exceeds the goal of the Paris Agreement.

  • We believe that making money on money does not benefit anything but increasing gaps in society. Should everyone make money on money, one probably asks oneself the question "who will work if everyone makes money on money-?"

  • That is why we do not deal with interest. Others charge interest and then it is enough that TIME goes by to get income. We consider this to be dishonest and it feels good to distance ourselves from it and pay only if we carry out work, for example take care of the notices, charge for collateral, etc.

  • For those of us who work with interest-free time and pay for the work really done, as all entrepreneurs do in some sense, we have shown that, for example, the borrowing costs will be about 25% compared with interest-bearing loans. You as an investor should agree that the remaining 75% do not make any form of societal benefit. In addition to making extra money on money that benefits those who already have enough, which is 1.5% of the population.

  • We promote a social order where no one is persecuted or punished for their political or religious views when the person in question does not violate Swedish or international law or force others to do so.

  • We are part of the fact that the world's financial system must change in accordance with the UN's Agenda 2030, and here you too can be part of that change. Invest here for the future for the benefit of the environment, family, our children and grandchildren, the company and above all to achieve a better life and a bearable future!

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Feel free to make your contribution to this account number from abroad:
IBAN: SE78 8000 0000 0778 5110 8047

You support us and Sweden's residents in the transition to the world's only interest-free country (if you do not want to actively participate as a partner but want change to take place)

When the financial system from the Lowcostcompany in Scandinavia Limited company reaches the market, the change in society begins:

  • The countryside will flourish with service offices in each municipality.

  • The Lowcostcompany will be involved in laying the foundations for societies' financial systems that the UN requires and must be implemented so that the world's gaps are not widened even further.

  • When the interest rate disappears, fewer people need to get into debt to pay these costs.

  • Lower rents on mortgages are financed interest-free.

  • Radically lower borrowing costs for companies and individuals.

  • The consequence of the interest rate mechanism is that you must have growth and thus increasing debt.

  • When banks continue to deal with interest that exceeds the bank's costs for operating the business, including covering losses on loans, it is technically / mathematically impossible not to have a negative effect on the climate.

  • The same problem in principle for companies, they should cover their operating costs including maintenance costs.

  • The conclusion already now… you discover that a rent can contain as much as 77% interest. Regarding ALL Goods & Services, the interest cost is about 30-50% of the total price.

  • In a city with 140,000 inhabitants (Norrköping in Sweden), the population must INCREASE their joint debt by SEK 1.4 billion every year to allow the interest-demanding economy to continue to spin!

  • The climate is affected by increasing consumption. It is impossible to avoid increasing indebtedness in an interest-based economy and one that requires uninterrupted growth for being able to "function".

  • The interest rate affects as soon as people borrow, the interest rate is outside a prosperous society. You can compare the interest rate to a parasite that sucks out the "best food" and leaves the "rubbish" to humans.

  • Michael Thudén has delivered (NOTE! His revised version, not ours but arouses some thought) about what famous Americans think about, among other things, the interest upon money: See here what Thomas Edison and Henry Ford thought.

Even if you are not able to participate, we still appreciate your support, small and large. Swish your contribution to 123 314 04 98 (here in Sweden) and as above if you are abroad.

Your contribution accelerates the process of getting started faster with a change in financial systems for the benefit of the people of communities and the whole Globe.

We are looking for people/companies in different countries that have an interest/capacity to, on an exclusive condition, representing the Lowcostcompany.

Please contact us at Info at Lowcostcompany.com. Mark the email with name, phone number and country you represent. We confirm receipt by email and switch back by phone.

Welcome to be involved in shaping the future, as active or as supporter, everyone counts'!!

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